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It's A Joy To Explore The Natural Wonders Of Cairns

Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef

Global Holidays

Global Holidays
Global Holidays 促销

3天 台湾自由行
Korea South, Taiwan

Air Sino-Euro Associates Travel

Air Sino-Euro Associates Travel
ASA Holidays Promo

8D Great Moments in Korea
Cambodia, China, Japan, Korea South

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See the flowers bloom

Koh Joh Ting shows where you can get the best views during the cherry blossom season in Taiwan

Coming through the Rhine

Travelling up the Rhine river gives unique insights into Germany, its less famous towns and its culture and history

It’s perfect for honeymoon

DJ Yasminne Cheng says Bora Bora is worth the gruelling journey

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A walk in the park

Ming E. Wong rejuvenates herself by visiting some of the best gardens in the world.

Time to tango

Buenos Aires is the place to do everything with a passion.

From sky to sea

Just how many activities can you pack in 10 days in Cairns, Australia? Heaps, as Christina Ching discovers.