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The best Penang hawker food

Foodie Philip Lee takes a culinary trip down Penang’s roadside stalls and coffee shops to suss out the tastiest assam laksa and nasi kandar on the island

Japan for Muslim travellers

The pull for Muslim travellers to Japan is even stronger now with the increased availability of halal food

Next stop, Sydney

The Australian city offers many attractive reasons to visit as the mercury level drops and winter inches closer

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    • Rediscovering gem of a Czech city
    • FOR people who haven’t travelled to Prague recently, the capital of the Czech Republic might seem like a known quantity: a city  with a thousand years of architecture, cheap beer and often boring restaurants where the most unusual ingredients are the doughy dumplings.

  • Slow down for adventure
  • From whitewater rafting, theme parks to paranormal sighting, laidback Perak offers plenty of exciting experiences

  • Lessons on marine life
  • Dave Fox befriends a rescued sea turtle and learns about the sex lives of fishes on Gaya Island in Sabah