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Japan for Muslim travellers

The pull for Muslim travellers to Japan is even stronger now with the increased availability of halal food

The best Penang hawker food

Foodie Philip Lee takes a culinary trip down Penang’s roadside stalls and coffee shops to suss out the tastiest assam laksa and nasi kandar on the island


从废墟中重建的华沙, 到处都刻有萧邦的印记, 沿着他的足迹漫游华沙, 你会为这座受尽苦难的城市而感动。 波兰,因萧邦而伟大。

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  • Walking back in time in Cuba
  • Victor H. M. Wee finds that the best way to enjoy the Caribbean island’s history and vibrance is to take things in his stride.