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从废墟中重建的华沙, 到处都刻有萧邦的印记, 沿着他的足迹漫游华沙, 你会为这座受尽苦难的城市而感动。 波兰,因萧邦而伟大。

Japan for Muslim travellers

The pull for Muslim travellers to Japan is even stronger now with the increased availability of halal food

Help the blind see the world

After a long and arduous climb one day in December 1981, Liza Maria Beh found herself at the top of Ayers Rock in Australia.

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    • Last soldier to surrender
    • In 1944, Hiroo Onoda was deployed to the Philippine island of Lubang to gather intelligence for the Imperial Japanese Army.

  • Rugged refuge
  • A hideout for a Japanese soldier for 30 years, Lubang in the Philippines has crystalline waters and an eternal horizon.

  • Treasure hunt with magician Copperfield
  • New York – Every few months at Musha Cay, a private resort in the Bahamas owned by David Copperfield, the magician gathers his guests and tells them the legend of the unknown pirate. In an old book bought in an antiques store, he explains, he found a pirate, a relative of his. Then he asks the guests for help finding his treasure.