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在NATAS旅游展上,多家旅行社都推出 各种优惠配套及丰富的旅游资讯。这里精 选一些供参考。


本年度首个马来西 亚旅游展吸引了 8 0个来自快车代 理、度假村、旅游 景点、旅行社,还 有砂拉越、森美 兰、霹雳、登嘉楼 等州和地方的旅游 代表参展, 展位 150个,为公众介 绍马国名胜,包括 即将投入服务的亚 洲首座乐高乐园 和今年初开放的 Kidzania职场体 验儿童室内主题乐 园。

Japan for Muslim travellers

The pull for Muslim travellers to Japan is even stronger now with the increased availability of halal food

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    • Revel in Myanmar’s unspoilt beauty
    • A MONTH ago, I landed at Putao’s tiny airport in the northernmost part of Myanmar, where a protrusion of the Kachin state juts up towards Tibet between China’s Yunnan province and Arunachal Pradesh, a state in India.

  • Weekly Deals 27 January 2015
  • weeklyDEALS - Brisk business ahead, Chinese zodiac travelmate-matching, Sleep under the stars, Second traveller @ half price, Lucky 50, Easter Island, Chile, Jaisalmer, India, Ivrea, Italy

  • Brrr! It’s freezing!
  • Victor H. M. Wee survives a night in minus 5 deg C temperatures at the Icehotel in Sweden.